Acrylic on Wood Panel, 8x6in

The Full Moon Art Journal

Happy full moon! Tomorrow, the fourteenth of June, is the next full moon. I created a free art journal project that can be done as part of any self care rituals or routines to help reflect on the last month. Show thanks for things you’ve done and taking time to yourself before regrouping and moving […]

The New Moon Art Journal

Following the lunar cycle can be a great opportunity to take a step back and get in tune with the natural rhythms of the world. In addition to doing meditation, going for a walk, or writing affirmations — doing an art exercise can help us follow the symbolism of a new or full moon. We […]

22 Art Journal Prompts for 2022

I have a resolution to make more this year. Art journaling is a great, no pressure way to flex your creative muscle. Sometimes putting thoughts into words can feel forced, but making an image can feel more intuitive and free flowing. I came up with a list of prompts to make it easier to just […]

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