22 Art Journal Prompts for 2022

I have a resolution to make more this year.

Art journaling is a great, no pressure way to flex your creative muscle. Sometimes putting thoughts into words can feel forced, but making an image can feel more intuitive and free flowing.

I came up with a list of prompts to make it easier to just get down to making. Check out the list, and do them all or just pick your faves.

  1. What have you been dreaming of lately? 
  2. Monochrome study – pick a color you’re drawn to and make a spread using only shades of that color
  3. Classic vision board — what do you want from 2022? 
  4. It’s winter time… but how are you feeling about summer? (Ideal summer day?)
  5. Draw for your favorite book or song
  6. Create an image with only black and white
  7. Symbolism…. Draw using animals that symbolize what you’re looking to gain this year
  8. Mid Year Catch Up – Draw this year so far, literally or figuratively 
  9. Illustrate a poem you like… Can’t identify with a poem, try song lyrics? 
  10. Make a spread for whatever season it is currently
  11. Oceans
  12. Mountains
  13. Meadows
  14. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be/go? 
  15. Make an image out of only words/phrases 
  16. Combine 2 different mediums 
  17. Make an image using only negative space
  18. Try surrealism
  19. Make an image using mark making
  20. Illustrate an ad for anything you want
  21. What’s your favorite color?
  22. Draw a day in your life

Thanks for reading!

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